Wellhead Upholstery

Recycled, rejuvenated, re-loved!

Charming cushions crafted from reclaimed materials make fabulous interior design statements or gorgeous gifts. Wellhead Upholstery brings you our recycled treasures, which turn vintage or pre-loved fabric into uniquely personal pieces.

Our exclusive hand-made cushions are accompanied by covered notebooks, bags and decorative details for your home. As soft furnishings, they add a wonderful finishing touch to any room. As carefully-chosen presents, they provide captivating keepsakes to hold memories you can touch.

Wellhead Upholstery selects gorgeous second-hand, vintage and individual materials to transform into beautifully-finished cushions and gifts, produced as one-offs or in very limited runs.

We’d also be delighted to turn your own sentimental or pre-loved fabrics into something very special. Our hand-crafted treasures make heart-warming mementos for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Please see the Wellhead Upholstery gallery for examples of our unique hand-made cushions and exclusive gifts.

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